The HTML Hobbyist lessons are based on the summary of notes from web development training sessions that I taught at Berkeley Computer Training in 1997-2003 and from my syllabus for web development classes for continuing education that I taught at the University of Pennsylvania in 2002 — now updated for HTML5 and recent advances in modern web development.

I sorely miss the days when there were thousands of different amateur, semi-pro, and hobbyist websites in existence, and I hope to do my part to bring that back.

“Do what makes your little happy.”


A colophon is a page at the back of a book, originating from the Greek word for “summit”. The purpose of a colophon is to give the reader information about the book’s authorship and construction methods. It is the final touch put on the work.

This website was developed by N.E.Lilly in the Greater Philadelphia area, circa 2021.

  • This website was built with HTML first, with the liberal use of HyperText.
  • The CSS styling that was applied was chosen to enhance readability, increase usability, and, in certains cases, maintain accessibility.
  • Only light styles have been applied to help the real HTML shine through.
  • The background color (silver) was chosen as a callback to the default background color used by early web browsers.
  • Other styles shall be what style it please the browser.
  • Any JavaScript used only where absolutely necessary and was built with progressive enhancement in mind.
  • See the code in the HTML Hobbyist repository on GitHub.


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