What is a Webmaster?

The role of a webmaster usually encompases coding, programming, security, performance, managing the web server and domain name, and uploading content to the website. For small websites the webmaster is a jack-of-all-trades, also responsible for the design, usability, creation, and publication of content.

As websites have grown more complicated, and multiple people work on various facets of a website. For some websites the webmaster might just be the editorial person approving the content. Or the webmaster might be the technical person coding the HTML content that comes from other people, and uploading the content to the website. Other websites might not have a webmaster, as such, at all.

A webmaster is: the person in charge of a website.

Care and Management of a Web Site

Topics that fall under the responsibilities of a Webmaster could include: Quality Assurance, Search Engine Optimization, Website Performance, Security, Marketing.

Quality Assurance

Testing the website, and making sure that it works properly.

  • Browser/Device Matrix
  • Accessibility Testing
  • HTML validation

Search Engine Optimization

  • Search Ranking


  • Performance Guidelines
  • Performance Checklist


  • Choosing 3rd Party Scripts
  • Form Validation


  • Meta tags & Social tags
  • Link sharing
  • Webrings
  • Directory submission